Nathan’s Story

My life was pretty much normal up until recently when unfortunately my dad was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer. He is currently going through chemotherapy which leaves him tired and exhausted, feeling sick and hardly able to walk or look after himself. He requires me to care for him through the week helping out with basic household jobs. This is set to get worse when he has a major operation to remove his bladder and is set to leave him incapacitated for some time.  This is where my caring role is set to step up as my dad will require more personal care, more than just helping with basic stuff.

This is why this website is really helpful and useful for first time carers like me or even people who have been caring for a long time. I can share my story with other carers and it’s completely private. I can also relate to other carers lives and talk to them about their experience, which helps me out both mentally and emotionally. I’m 20 years of age and as I mentioned before am a first time carer, I’m currently waiting to go and study a paramedic’s degree in university and have a really big interest in football and medicine. I try my best sometimes to fit this in with caring but find it really hard at times and have to leave the things I enjoy to care for my dad. But the main thing I would say is never give up on anything, which is what this website is for so you never have to care alone.

Feel free to contact me on this site if you would like to talk about any of my experiences of being a carer or if you think I could help you in any way or even if you just want to chat about anything in general I will be here to listen and talk.

Thank you for reading my view on being a carer and I hope this website helps you as much as it has helps me.